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Yoga in Bali with Amanda Jane

Yoga is focusing on increasing your strength, balance, and range of motion. Focusing on flexibility within the body and also the mind, yoga allows you to find inner peace. I have been practicing yoga for 15 years and have trained and practiced extensively around the world. I mainly practice vinyasa flow, yin yoga, and power yoga. I offer private, semi-private and group sessions around Bali. Classes can be offered at your hotel or villa or at one of my retreats.

*Vinyasa Flow*

This practice can be designed to work at any level which is most comfortable and beneficial to your body.It is based on a gentle to vigorous flow to ignite your vitality and strengthen your muscles and core.

*Restorative Yin Yoga*

This practice focuses on specific areas of the body where one may be experiencing an old injury or tight hips and shoulders. This practice will help you dissolve tension while invigorating the physical and mental, bringing you back to balance with revived energy.

*Power Yoga *

Power yoga is much more than just a physical workout – that’s why it’s so addictive. Not only will power yoga help you achieve a beautiful body but it will also help to a develop a beautiful mind. It allows us to find peace in the hurly-burly to urban life and become a calmer, healthier and happier person. The practice is challenging and rewarding and regular sessions bring rapid progress. Power yoga will benefit you in all areas of your life.