You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and work in progress – simultaneously ❀

Are you consumed with negativity and resentment towards yourself?

Are you constantly questioning and doubting yourself ? 

Are you struggling to make your own decisions because of your own limiting beliefs?

Are you lacking motivation and questioning your purpose in life?

Are you feeling lost, confused, unworthy or alone?


I too was stuck in this dark, empty, & hopeless place. I had been emotionally unkind to myself for years. I had daily habitual conversations of painful past experiences on constant replay in my mind. Over many decades I had practiced the belief of unworthiness. And let me tell you, this habitual pattern only made it worse. It lead me to a place of anxiety, sadness and unfulfilled dreams.

Finally, after a very difficult divorce in 2008, one morning I woke up and I did something different. Instead of wallowing in my negative banter and asking myself the same questions- I made the best decision of my life. I decided I was going to retrain my brain.

After years of playing so many different roles – the brave friend, savvy business woman, loving housewife, fearless athlete, fashion designer, confident dancer, yoga teacher, perfect daughter, the list goes on… I decided to track all of my experiences and journal about my LIFE.

Journaling was such an effective tool for me. I was able to see myself on paper and not just in my own mind. It paved the path for me to go on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering all of my inner pain, frustrations, old values and beliefs that no longer resonated with me. Writing the truth down made me confront what was holding me as a prisoner IN MY OWN LIFE.

Now I had to shift my mindset from those negative limiting beliefs (that I never realized existed) into a more positive and graceful mindset. I have always been interested in health, well-being & spirituality with strong beliefs in energetic forces and vibrations of the Universe. I had the knowledge and power within, but never thought to take action and practice the theories.

Mastering my thoughts was a difficult process, and I am so grateful that I finally conquered the challenge. I started to approach things from a different, kinder more peaceful, self-loving perspective. I began with one mantra:

♥ “I am worthy of my own love.” ♥

I decided to be the most successful and powerful woman I can be! I will – and I can – and nothing will stop me!

How will my retreats help you regain your inner power?

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