A selection of testimonials from Amanda’s previous clients….

After attending one of Amanda’s retreats I came home with a new perspective on my life and work. I was eating better, sleeping better and I felt more focused on what I really wanted and needed in my life. Her calm demeanor and positive encouragement throughout the retreat helped me to gain a new outlook and she showed me some really useful techniques to help keep up my new found good habits at home. She is also a straight talker, which was not only refreshing but it helped open up an honest conversation right away and quickly cut through to what we were at the retreat to achieve. The time I spent on the retreat was only five days but it felt like a lot longer as each day we packed so much in yet still maintained a sense of calm and deep relaxation. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to make some changes in their life to consider one of Amanda’s retreats. She has an intuitive way of knowing just what you need and delivering it in a supportive and honest way.KELLIE

‘Amanda is one of the most intuitive people I have met. She has the uncanny ability to tune into where you are at and what your needs are on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. Amanda has the ability to harness these skills and transfer them into a teaching realm. In doing so, this lends itself to one of the most intuitive and divine yoga practices. Being a student in one of Amanda’s classes is an amazing experience and takes practicing yoga to a whole new level. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough and encourage everyone who has the opportunity to practice with her to do so, it will take your yoga practice to a new level.’GEORGIE
‘Over the past few years I have attended several Yoga Retreats both here in Australia and overseas, Amanda Jane was not only a stand out Yoga instructor, but a total inspiration to live a healthier, happier and more balanced life. Amanda Jane has a natural ability to connect with others, not only on the mat ,but also through the genuine guidance she provides.’ROBYN
‘My experience of working with Amanda is that she gives fully of herself from her heart and soul. I saw so many of our residents really transform and blossom as a result of Amanda’s sessions. We always got great feedback because they really connected with her and loved working with her. She’s so passionate about health and healing and I watched her energy, enthusiasm and humour really transfer to our residents – they always came away from her sessions beaming. Amanda really knows her stuff and can deliver it in a way that connects with people and allows them to really change. She works on the physical, mental and spiritual level, making her approach truly mind, body, spirit. And it’s always coming from a place of love and encouragement so the residents feel 100% safe and supported.’CATH
‘My journey with Amanda started in April 2013. I was blessed to have Amanda as my yoga teacher. Amanda was so much more than a yoga teacher she became my mentor and my inspiration. After speaking with Amanda about my life and how I ended up to be in bali detoxing, she shared her own story with me. This gave me some hope to cling to. I thought if this beautiful wholesome natural woman can turn her life around I can to. At our weekly yoga sessions Amanda taught me how to forgive myself, Amanda taught me to say goodbye to the past and Amanda taught me to love myself. Love myself inside and out. Thank you does not seem enough. Without you I would not be here today being a healthy inspiration to my own beautiful daughter. Thank you again.’KEZIA
‘It’s been my pleasure to know Amanda Jane Williams for nearly 20 years. She constantly amazes me with her creativity and passion for life. Amanda Jane lives her life to the best of her ability. She practices what she preaches in all aspects of her life. From how to feed your body, care for your soul and especially how to balance your world with kindness, love, passion and superb energy. Amanda Jane has touched my heart and helped me through the good and the bad times. She is an amazing woman with so much talent and compassion and true love for her life and the world around her. I am truly blessed to be a part of her life’s journey. And I am proud to call her my friend and mentor.’MICHELLE