About us…

Are you finding yourself feeling a lack of motivation and self-love?

Are you questioning your own self?

Are you questioning what your purpose is?

Are you feeling lost, confused and alone?

“I woke up in February 2008 after my divorce from my ex-husband asking myself these exact questions. After the years of being so many different faces – the gymnast, athlete, fashion designer, dancer, yoga teacher and many more – I decided to track all of my unpleasant experiences and start journaling about my LIFE.

Journaling was such a fabulous tool for me! I got to see myself on paper and went on a journey of self-discovery uncovering all of my inner pain, frustrations, old values and beliefs that no longer resonated with me, that were holding me as a prisoner IN MY OWN LIFE.

Firstly, I had to shift my mindset from what I never realized was negative and angry, and move into a more positive and graceful mindset. I’ve always been fitness and food aware – but mastering my thoughts was a challenge that I’m so grateful I accepted! I will – and I can – and nothing will stop me!

I decided to be the most successful and powerful woman I can be!”

How will my retreats help you regain your inner power?


On my retreats, I have one focus and that is to make sure you leave feeling stronger, more mindful, motivated and empowered than you ever were. This process will occur in a 5-star villa during days of personalized healing, massages, healthy and delicious meals, motivational workshops, yoga, meditation, fitness classes and the company of like-minded people.