About our Retreats

Custom retreats focused around you

Our retreats focus on Movement, Mindfulness and Mindful Eating Habits.

Over 6 days / 5 nights, we explore your relationship with each of these. Bringing new awareness to where you are now and what needs to change.

You don’t have to be a yogi, athlete, supermodel you do need open for change. The program has been carefully designed to meet each individual’s needs. The daily exercise program, mind and body workshops, healing sessions, 2 x therapeutic massage and healthy foods including a cooking and smoothie demonstration are all part of your luxury week. 

Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about having some fun! A Spirit of Bali Day Tour. Sunset Trip and a Yoga and Boot camp beach session is also included. It’s not about the lifestyle you currently are living but about the lifestyle you desire to live.

I would love to receive any questions you have. This can be done with a 15 minute Skype call.

What can you expect on an Amanda Jane Life Retreat?

  • Care & Compassion

    Your well-being is my top priority. I will make sure to apply to all your need during your stay with us.

  • Healthy and Nutritious Meals

    Your health and vitality is extremely important to me. All our food is organic and prepared with love to ensure that your body, heart and mind are left with a feeling of deep satisfaction.

  • Beautiful Villa Accommodation

    I use only the best venues for my retreats. Expect nothing but luxury, beauty and delight.

  • An Empowering Experience

    I aim to provide you with an empowering experience so you can reconnect with yourself and feel inspired.

  • Massages & Pampering

    I use the most amazing massage therapists to make certain you feel pampered and relaxed.

  • Nourish your Mind & Spirit

    Life coaching sessions, tarot readings, astrology readings etc. can be added to your package if you need.

My passion, goal and intention is to assist you to become your most joyful, loving and powerful self, using tools such as yoga, meditation, healing, coaching, motivational, nutritional and fitness talks. I aim for you to reach a body and mind awareness that will help you meet the challenges of life with an open heart, a strong and a clear mind.