Focus to me is in about doing something amazing myself or you and that starts with the believing in YOU.
So get started ,believe in yourself , Set goals, have a plan, get clear to action and commit daily to a wellness regime that works for you ..

Eat fit, good food to support your training and lifestyle. Prepare food in advance rather than eating on the run or giving in to unhealthy, fast food habits. Eat a balance of fruits, vegetables, healthy grains, protein source that suits your body and smoothies and veggie juices. As much greens,food from
Mother and coconut water or healthy water as you can! Supplements are also a great way to give your body what you may be lacking in vitamins and minerals. Also be a label freak and make sure you check EVERYTHING included in the food you buy at any supermarket or health food shop as there are many hidden nasties even in what is sold as ‘healthy’ food like excess sugars.

Set your day up with how you can bring fitness into your daily routine, it can even be as simple as choosing stairs over lifts to get extra movement in your day. Set targets to keep you focused and work with your body type so you don’t push yourself unhealthily or get injured…Get to understand what YOUR body needs, and don’t compare yourself to others as what works well for them may not be what you need. Be consistent – disciplined and commit every day to something even if it’s only for 10 minutes, just move your body! The body in motion removes emotion and unhealthy mindsets or beliefs..

Always keep your fitness and training fun so it doesn’t become a chore. Whether its through yoga, zumba, dance, paddle board,surfing, rowing,running,ZUU,cross fit and circuit workout routines always keen the fun it. Change it up and include variation so your workout doesn’t become boring, including both indoors and outdoors types if training routines..

Social sports are a great way to blend social time and a balanced wellbeing. An accountability partner likeminded friend is a great way to keep you aligned with your focus and taking action. If you’re feeling a bit flat, join a 30 day challenge or group sport to bring fun and inspiration to your life.

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